Liquid Castile Summary


Measure out 6.5 ounces Potassium Hydroxide into 20 ounces of cold distilled water.  Stir to dissolve.

Measure 32 ounces of olive oil and put into your crock pot.  Set crock pot on low.

Carefully pour your lye water into the oil.

Stick blend for 1 – 2 out of every 6 – 7 minutes, leaving it alone for 5 minute intervals until it begins to trace.  As it begins to thicken, cover it.

When it gets too thick to stick blend use your wire wisk  (gently) or a spoon to stir it at  approximately 15 minute intervals. Liquid soap is more prone to separation than bar soap so you want to keep mixing it together well for as long as you can stir it.  If it gets too thick to stir, don’t worry about it. It will be stirable again as it nears finish.

When it reaches the shiny Vaseline stage, test for lye and clarity.

Add your soap paste and 100 ounces of boiling distilled water to a large pot. Let it sit overnight or simmer. Break up soap chunks as is possible but mostly time will do this work.  After cooling add more water if the soap and the soap crust are very thick OR remove the soap crust, pour out the perfect (or slightly too thick) soap and put the crust back in the pot with additional water to dilute.  Finish dilution process and add this soap to the decanter with the original amount.

You can stir more water into your thick liquid soap at this point if you wish it slightly thinner.



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