Masterbatching Lye


Regarding masterbatching lye: I started doing this sometime in the last year. (I’m really bad judging time which is why I try to take pictures of everything.) It works incredibly well for me because I use oils with low melting points. I know it gets scary for people when we change what we do with lye. I even thought twice since my lye solution would now be much stronger than it had before, and I play pretty fast and loose. This is the container I use. I think it came from Walmart and I want another just like it. It’s a #5 plastic. The lid closes pretty tight and the spout cover does too. I stand the jug in my sink to add the water and then the lye. After it’s relatively cool I move it to the shelf it lives on. I always give it a good stir before using. I’ve used it for weeks (I think 6 is my max, I usually go through it much faster than that).It’s very simple and not so scary. To use it here’s the math you have to do. Let’s say your recipe calls for 10 ounces of lye. Since your mix is half lye and half water you’ll have to use 20 ounces to get 10 ounces of lye and it also provides 10 ounces of the water for your recipe. Let’s say the recipe calls for 25 ounces of water. You’d add an additional 15 ounces (10 in your lye water + 15 more = 25).

It really does make life easier!

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