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I’m wondering how much interest there would be in a soap camp weekend around April or May in Myrtle Beach, SC (Spirit Air flies direct here – sometimes very cheap). We have the property for boondocking and space to do workshops. I’d like to get an idea of how much interest there is – and real possibility of people getting here – before creating a whole event

We are 12 miles from the beach and about the same from the airport. I could have people picked up at the airport. For anyone who doesn’t want to camp, there are plenty of local hotels.

There is a huge variety of ways we could do this. I’d love to make it a 3 day event but that could require people taking off from work.  Even in two (very full) days we could make a hot process soap, a cold process soap, a room temp soap and a soleseife.  (Or completely different kinds of soaps) Of course, we’d have to do a liquid soap also and there is one we could do in that amount of time – one I don’t have tutorials for and don’t share as much.

Discussions on pricing, bulk buying for best prices, business building, and marketing are all subjects I have extensive info and experience in.

We would not have time in a weekend to build websites but we could discuss the best and most cost effective technologies and what is needed on your part to get those rolling. The money I could save you on websites alone could be worth whatever this weekend ends up costing.

I’m totally open to ideas. I’ve been making soap – on and off – for over 40 years. Have been involved in many other craft businesses and taught many crafts over those years.  When I was working a “day job” it was usually involved in marketing and for the last 16 years I’ve been building websites.

We could “craft” this event with your input if you seriously plan to attend. Let’s talk about it!

Feel free to make comments below but please send me your email address if you are interested. Email me at herself @ and put soap camp in the subject line.

This could be a blast!!

The picture is of an art class we held at our last camping event.  More pics of that event here and here.

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