This is a unique opportunity to have a state of the art website without having to spend a fortune or a huge amount of time.   The “class” will be in a different format than you are used to. I will tell you when you pay your deposit what things (photos, etc) you need to provide for me to set up your opening page.  When the class starts you will have the skeleton of the site already done. That means all programs and plugins will already be installed (shopping cart, share buttons, pin buttons and the like)  It will look pretty much like this one with the sections you choose (which you can change later) and with your own pictures and products unless you have not provided them.

The class will be over the course of one week. You would do best to plan to spend a couple hours a day on it. It may take a fraction of that or it may take more, depending on your tech savvy and how many products you have and how much info you want to provide.  And how well prepared you are.

I will provide you with written instructions, videos and live answers via chat. I will let you know what hours I will be available every day (and it will be most hours) to answer your questions in real time.

Your site will be ready for the holiday season sales. It will be tax deductible (assuming you are a business) The cost will be $275 which will include the first year of hosting.  (I have often created the same site for $500 – $1000).

You will need to have your pictures and you will need to know how to resize and crop pictures. I have instructions for this if you need them. Don’t wait until you get the perfect pictures. You can always replace them later.

Upon deposit

Slider Images 1400 x 544
Header 1400 x 272 (or no header image)

Section Choices: