Out of the box new theme on new site. SKT paid $30 pro theme

Header area (Where logo is) may be too high.
Header file effects the text showing on the slides. The file I changed to remove the search box also removed the slide text. Using original header again but need to change again.

Header text displays even when unchecked in customize. Check this.

Possibly related issue:  In Dashboard>Appearance> Theme Options

Sticky Header (Check this to disable sticky header). Assuming that the Header Text is the Sticky Header, it’s not working. I can’t see anything else that is changing with this.


EStore: shortcode fiasco required extra plugin. Layout still looks shitty and not like example. 

With the extra plugin these codes are now available:

Text is not showing on the slide pictures on laptop. Shows in phone. Shows on Tablet.


Integrate eStore with NextGen:

NextGen info to center the thumbnail unit is here:


To modify fancy display:

Documentation is here:

Found in support (to increase shadow on text on slides)
“Okay kindly visit Appearance>Theme Options>Custom CSS box and paste this there:

.nivo-caption h1, .nivo-caption p{text-shadow:3px 3px 2px #000000 !important;}

Should be good.”