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** SKU of L1 and L2 caused trouble.  Using 151 and 161 caused no trouble.

** Default settings show related products at bottom of page. We don’t want this. solution on this page:    is to replace file: {your-theme}/woocommerce/single-product/related.php with empty file of same name. (Now whatever you want could go in that space). Saved original file as related.php.orig and saved copy of the blank file as related.php.none


Product categories will display the product categories loop and output this shortcode: [[product_categories number=””]].  Specifying a number will output that many categories. There are 7 more arguments you can apply to this shortcode:

  • number‘ => ‘null‘, – This determines the number of categories.
  • orderby‘ => ‘name‘, – This determines the order, “name” and “date” are valid options.
  • order‘ => ‘ASC‘, – Determines how product categories are ordered, “ASC” or “DESC“.
  • columns‘ => ‘4′, – The number of columns categories are arranged into.
  • hide_empty‘ => ‘1‘, – Set to 1 to hide categories with no products or to show them.
  • parent‘ => ”, – Set to 0 to only display top-level categories.
  • ids‘ => ” – ids can be set to only output those specified.




Important list of shortcodes:

Even better list:

Some how tos:


Clicking this option will place this shortcode into your editor: [[product id=”” sku=””]]. This is fairly self explanitory and will display a singular product with specific id or SKU, e.g.

  • [[product id=”97″]]
  • [[product sku=”CLUBM”]]

[[product id=”1165″]]
[[product sku=”L1″]]
Add to cart: This item 15.95



Very similar to the previous example, this will output multiple products and insert this shortcode: [[products ids=”” skus=””]]. You can also apply the following arguments; order=” “, columns=” “, orderby=” “. For example this shortcode: [[products ids=”1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10″ columns=”2″ order=”asc” orderby=”date”]] would output 10 products in 2 columns ordered by date in ascending order. You can also use desc for descending and title for ordering.