EZ Vid – Making Videos for Tutorials (or anything else)


EZ Vid is a pretty remarkable video utility and it’s free. (I did donate the requested $9. because it’s totally worth it!!)  I believe it has a lot of other capabilities that I have not discovered because i only needed very basic features. It will be interesting to play with them sometime.

These are the basic steps for making a totally simple video that can be use for tutorials.

Info from this page: http://www.ezvid.com/record-voice-and-screen-same-time

1ezvid-screen-capture 2use-advanced-settings 3 enable-microphone-captuer

This (below) shows that it is saving/rendering. Once this is done I believe the movie is saved in documents/ezvid/projects. Rather than upload you can close program or click “new project” and you will be prompted that the last project was saved. Image13


The little section outlined in green is the intro

By clicking on it, it highlights. I can then right click and delete it.

click on

Then I can stick a little text block in that space telling what the video is.

I had some trouble getting a text block at the front of the video.  When created it seems to only do to the end of the video and I could not drag it back to the beginning. The solution for this was to use the zoom put button so that the entire timeline was in view. Then the items at the end of the video could be dragged to the beginning.


Getting rid of the background music
Another factor for this video which was a complete PIA was needing an mp3 file that was silent. (I didn’t want background music. and that was the only option I could think of.

I used the sound recording app in Windows 8.1 to create a silent sound file. (I can’t imagine what purposed it is intended to serve). It saves the sound files as m4a which is not compatible with the EZ Vid. I had to go to the link below and download a utility that would convert the m4a to an mp3 or wav.

The sound recording files are hidden deep within the file structure. This picture shows the path, there is a final folder I think, called “index”.

recording path

Utility to convert sound files: http://www.faasoft.com/articles/m4a-to-wav-on-mac-and-windows.html It costs $25 but has a free download trial that is very limited but was good enough to manage what I needed.

my sound file is not good (not totally silent) but until I get another one, here is it: