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After the Election

There is only one thing I know for sure about the next president. I will be creating some of my best art while s/he is president. It's going to take more of me to give as much of me. I'm going to have to build bridges to keep from jumping off them. I'm going to have...

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Outrage is not a Solution

I have great respect for animals and animal activists and with anyone who is doing what they believe in to make the world a better place but activism takes knowledge, often gained by a great deal of research or you may win the battle and lose the war. In the world of...

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More About Images

As you can see from the three of these samples, which there are settings for, the image sizes and shapes (or ratios) need to be taken into consideration.

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Image Sizes

The program aligns the way images show in some places but we must make sure to pay attention to the settings and to how they show where no settings affect them. This needs to be answered in each detail before using this prototype.

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Post Features

Posts link back from opening page (or posts page) using featured images. This means we could use it as a simple shopping cart if we had reason to instead of woo cart. Be sure to do a shopping cart page alternate that shows all the posts, not just the most recent if we...

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