Yes she does think she’s awesome. She thinks you’re awesome too.

What I Do and Why You Should Care

I am and do a whole lot of things that are probably irrelevant to you. I met my husband and raised my kids in a spiritual commune. I’ve done the off-the-grid, back to nature thing. I’m an eco-hippie. I try to live in the light and spread the love. My friends mean the world to me and I have great faith in humankind. I spend my time with a lot of pets. I have a worm farm in my work room. I brew kombucha, I make paper. I officiate at non-traditional weddings and memorial services.  I make wire jewelry and I make memorial jewelry out of the ashes of pets and people. I have taught probably 30 different crafts and been a many-faceted artist. If any of that is relevant to you I’d be happy to hear from you but that’s not what I came here to talk to you about.

Here’s the relevant part: Since the beginning of time (Internet time) I’ve been building websites. I know websites. Twenty years ago I started Cybergalleries. Before there was Facebook or You Tube or Instagram or Google, Cybergalleries was building websites. Before you could bank online or read the newspaper online we were building websites. Before you could get a domain name for less than $100 and before WordPress or Woo Commerce (or any but the most primitive shopping carts) or almost any “build your own” sites, Cybergalleries was building websites. Back then we wrote all the html code from scratch and it took a long time and very specific knowledge to build a site.  When colleges began offering courses for web designers, they consulted us. I taught my first web building class, online, in 1997 with one of the early web building programs. (It was awful). I have watched all that has gone on in this industry for 20 years. I have seen my personal market value go from “non-applicable” to six figures to “would you like fries with that? and back up again. In common parlance, “I got this shit down!”

What has also happened in the last 20 years is that I have aged. I have become even more of who I want to be and do more of what I want to do, when I want to do it. Around 2010 I started making soap again. I had done it in my early hippie days when it was practically a dead art (actually, it was not even an art, it was more of a farm chore) and in sporadic phases since but in 2010 when I made it for some friends, they kept asking for more. And more. And more. So, another business was born. Since then and since soap making has become a hugely popular hobby (who’d a thunk it?)  I have met thousands of soap makers online and taught quite a bit of soap making.

Here’s the part where my chocolate gets on my peanut butter and I’m building websites for soap makers with this new project!!

(You are welcome to be included in this project whether you are a soap maker or not.)

Welcome to Bunni’s Phantasmagoric

Website Building Extravaganza

a fun and inexpensive adventure through the cyber-cosmos to co-create your website with me (and you can do it in your jammies)


Brief Version:

Work with me at your own pace between May 15th – May 30th as we co-create your complete website up and running for $275 which includes the first year of hosting.

Here are the facts:

  • There are loads of site builders out there. Some people are happy with them for a while. They will always be very limiting and even the ones that start off free will generally end up costing at least $30 a month if they have shopping capabilities. They still take a long time to create and you can’t have to rebuild your whole site when you want to upgrade. Aldo, many of these site builders create sites that are non-responsive (meaning they do not work equally wel on tablets, phones and desktops which is not only a problem for users but also kills your search engine listings. 
  • There are professional website builders, most of whom now use WordPress and do some coding when they need to. They aren’t generally looking to do artisan or “mom and pop” sites because there’s not much money in them and the customer service load is high.
  • Then there’s me:
    • I’m not interested in building a career. I don’t have kids to raise (been there, done that, they stole the T-Shirt)
    • I am a pro at building artisan and small business sites. I know exactly what you need. I love building websites and I love being able to help you. I can take the big fat learning curve of WordPress and whittle it down to just the parts you need and then show you how to use them easily.

How It’s Going to Work

We are going to do your site over a 2 week period, like a class (we’re calling it a project) that you work at your own pace. This project will start on May 15th and go through May 30th. I will be available most of the time with some daytime hours and some evening hours on most of those days and I will work with you online. I will need information from you prior to the beginning of the class (as soon as possible) so that I can set up the initial framework of your site which I will then show you how to populate with your own information, pictures, etc. We will use whatever tools we need to in order to get this done. I guarantee you can do it. There will be some written instruction, chat, video and whatever else is required. If I need to come over to your house or office, I will (via Skype). We will even use the telephone if we have to. (Remember the telephone?  It’s an app on your personal communication device, one you probably don’t use so much anymore but it does come in handy on occasion.) Doing it this way will allow me to work with a group of people over the same 2 week period which will accomplish 2 things: It will keep it from dragging on as web sites tend to do and it will allow me to do it at a much lower rate than you would get the same site and service from anyone else.

The Cost

There are a few things you may pay for when you have a website:

  • The domain name. The cost for that is generally about $15 a year. You may already have one or we can get you one.
  • Hosting: The host is the computer (called a server) that is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, generally in huge lots of computer banks for just this reason. Big hosting companies like GoDaddy have their own “server farms”. Smaller companies like Cybergalleries lease servers from large server farms where there are people on site to maintain them. if you are part of this project your site will be hosted by Cybergalleries. Hosting costs vary greatly as does the amount of tech support and help you can count on. With Cybergalleries you will pay $100 annually. This is not the cheapest and it is far from the most expensive.
  • A web designer to create your site or a consultant to help when there are problems with it or to maintain it. It is very common for people to have to hire a consultant because their web designer or developer does not want to make the changes the site needs. There is a range of cost for these services with maintenance and consulting coming in at around $35 – $50 an hour. Web design, actually getting your site up and complete is in the hundreds of dollars, Rarely less than $500 if a shopping cart is included. (This is the low end.)

With this project here is what you’ll pay for:

  • A domain name if you don’t already have one. $15.
  • $275 for the project which will include:
    • One year of hosting
    • The completion* and testing of your website, shopping cart (if needed) and any other interactive modules (subscription, contact forms, etc.)  by the end of the 2 week project.
    • Ongoing support via office hours one evening per week (to be posted)
    • Immediate emergency support any time (emergency means if your site goes down. This virtually never happens anymore but any problem that keeps your site from doing what we built it to do is considered an emergency. Wanting to change a font, is not)
    • Once the class is finished and as long as you are a hosting client consulting for major issues will be at the rate of $25 hourly with a 30 minute minimum (which you should never need since most anything can be addressed during my office hours… unless you want new interactive modules perhaps).


Want Some Quick Advice?